Wellness Works

The health of your business is about more than just profits and losses. Offering your employees a wellness program can have a positive impact on your company, with benefits like fewer health insurance claims over time, reduced sick time, increased productivity, and better morale. 

Keep your employees healthy
Our new and enhanced wellness program is built around a comprehensive online wellness portal. This resource gives your employees the flexibility to take advantage of an array of fun and interactive wellness activities when it’s convenient for them. 

Our wellness portal offers a variety of tools and programs to help your employees keep healthy, including:

  • Workshops on topics like physical activity, weight management, disease prevention, men’s/women’s health, and many more
  • A Health Assessment (HA), a quick way to get a personalized report about their health and any potential health risks
  • Activity trackers
  • Customized eating and exercise plans
  • A wellness blog
  • And much more!

Want to learn more?
Contact your Broker, Account Representative, or Wellness Account Manager.