If an employee qualifies for a tax credit through HealthSource RI but the employer coverage is deemed “affordable,” can the employee still get coverage through HealthSource RI with the tax credit?

Your employee can receive a tax credit. That's because affordability is determined differently depending on the circumstance: To determine if the coverage you are offering is affordable, you use the income that you, as the employer, provide that employee. However, to determine affordability for the purpose of the tax credit, your employee’s household income is used.

If your plan offers minimum value and is affordable, you won't be penalized if your employee qualifies for a tax credit through HealthSource RI,  which is our state’s health insurance marketplace (also called an exchange). This might happen in a case where your employee is the sole earner in a household with several dependents.

Please note that employees who are eligible for employer-sponsored coverage cannot buy plans directly from Blue Cross.