How can I protect myself from fraud?

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You can protect yourself from fraud by safeguarding your member ID card and Social Security number, being wary of “free” services, and verifying your Explanation of Benefits statements.

Here are three simple ways you can protect yourself from fraud:

  1. Safeguard your insurance ID card and Social Security number. This helps prevent someone else from using your member ID card to receive services.
  2. Beware of “free” services, especially if you’re asked to provide your insurance ID card. The service may not be free and could be fraudulently charged to you or your insurance company.
  3. Compare your Explanation of Benefits statements to your medical bills to verify the reasons and costs for any services you receive. Fraud may involve you being billed for services you never received or services different from the ones you actually received. Log in to view Explanation of Benefits statements.



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