Healthcare Reform Timeline

We’re Here for You


The Affordable Care Act is helping ensure all Americans have access to high-quality and affordable health insurance coverage. But the law is complicated. And sometimes confusing. We know you don't have time to go through the thousands of pages to understand it. You're in luck, because we already have! So let's understand it together.

Whether you're an employerbrokerprovider, or someone who buys health insurance directly for yourself or your family, there's lots of information and resources on this website about what you need to know.

In addition to sharing information with you, we have and will continue to actively support state and federal agencies to implement the requirements of the law. Here's a look at different ways we're supporting Rhode Island citizens and businesses during this important transition.

  • We're collaborating with the state on HealthSource RI.

    Beginning in October 2013, individuals will be able to purchase health insurance through HealthSource RI, a health insurance marketplace that is mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Individuals and small businesses can use HealthSource RI to shop for plans and compare benefits and premiums. We're working with the state to help ensure customers have all the tools and information needed to buy and compare plans through HealthSource RI.

  • When you choose one of our plans, you can be assured that it meets the Affordable Care Act regulations. 

    Under the Affordable Care Act, plans have to meet certain requirements for benefits, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and more. We've designed our 2014 plans to meet those requirements, so you all need to do is choose the one that works best.

  • We're offering online cost and quality tools to help you make informed healthcare decisions.

    With healthcare, like anything else, you want the best for the lowest price. Having access to information about cost and quality can help you achieve better health and have a better healthcare experience. By logging in and using our Find a Doctor tool, you can:

    • Receive cost estimates for common healthcare services and procedures.
    • Read reviews of providers. You can also write reviews of providers you've recently seen by going to the Claims Center on your Member page.
    • See ratings for certain primary care physicians. Doctors are rated on a three-bar scale on certain quality measures.
    • Find doctors recognized for quality. To help you identify physicians who demonstrate a commitment to delivering quality and patient-centered care, we've introduced the Blue Physician Recognition Program.

    Later this year, we'll be launching a tool that lets you see how your deductible, copayment, and/or coinsurance applies to a specific service—and how costs for different doctors/hospitals compare. Read more about these tools.

  • We're connecting you with important resources.

    Many parts of the Affordable Care Act are going into effect in 2014, so it will be a busy year for healthcare reform news. In addition to our site, we want you to take advantage of valuable resources from the state and federal government, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, and more.