Doing business with Blue Cross is easy and convenient with our Supplier Portal. If you’re unable to access our Supplier Portal, please contact the Puridiom Help Desk at to obtain log-in information. 

After completing your registration, please continue to visit our Supplier Portal often to use these self-service features:

  • Update your contact and billing information.
  • Attach documentation (for example, diversity certifications).
  • Choose/update products and services you’d like to provide to Blue Cross.
  • Check on the status of Purchase Orders (POs).
  • Automatically “flip” POs into invoices, which eliminates the need for paper invoices. If you’re unable to “flip” your PO, you can submit your invoices online.
  • Receive payments via Electronic Funds Transfer.*
  • Check for new bids or RFPs.
  • Receive communication from Blue Cross.

*Prompt Payment Option: While our standard payment term is NET 45 days, Blue Cross also offers prompt payment options (e.g., 2% NET 10 days, 1% NET 30 days). If you’d like to discuss modifying your current payment terms to one of these options, please email to make arrangements. 

Ensure Prompt Payment
These guidelines will help ensure you receive prompt payment for your products and services:

  • Please reference a purchase order (PO) number on invoices. All purchases require a PO number. Suppliers will not be paid unless invoices reference a valid PO number.
  • If you cannot submit invoices online, we can make accommodations to receive your invoices by email. Please email to make arrangements. 

If you have any additional questions and concerns, please email

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